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"My husband has had problems with his knee for years. We purchased this tape since we heard all the best about it. As soon as he started wearing it his condition improved. So recently we went climbing with our friends, and earlier it was unthinkable. We walked for the whole weekend, and he didn't complain about his knee for a single time. The tape helped me too, since it is unbelievable how fast it soothes your muscles, and regardless of inflammation you can move normally. I recommend everyone to buy this tape as soon as possible." *
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"This tape was recommended to me by my physiatrist. He explained that is extremely efficient with painful muscles and joints, but under condition that it is applied properly. Even though there are numerous video on YouTube, I didn't need them, since you get detailed instructions for use with the tape. At first, it seemed awkward. However, after I put it over my painful calves, I was really surprised. I felt an instant relief. So, thank you for this wonderful product, but also thanks to my physiatrist who recommended KPRO tape to me." *
"No more pain in my lower leg!"
"I always had pain in my lower leg due to running, regardless of the footwear, running surface or speed. After a pause of 2 years and gained 10 kg, I started running again. Apart from not being in shape for one single kilometer, the pain in my lower leg has increased. I tried with increased stretching and slow warming-up of muscles, but unsuccessfully. Then I decided to try the KPRO Tape my friend recommended. I won't say it is some miraculous solution, but the tape surely helped my more than I expected. I am no longer limited by pain in my lower leg while I'm running. However, the shape is still an issue, but now I can run 3 km at least, without my legs "killing" me :)" *
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"I train volleyball and a year ago I had a serious shoulder injury. I thought I would be separated from the field for months, but luckily I wasn't. The reason is this great tape that accelerated my recovery so everyone was amazed how fast I came back. To tell the truth, I was also amazed since, after all, I also didn't believe it was so efficient. But now I realize why it's been used by world's best sportsmen. That's why I recommend using KPRO Tape from all of my heart to all sportsmen, as well as joggers. It really accelerates the recovery process, but it also protects from injuries." *